the last of Greece...athens!

Thursday, June 26

cocktails with a view of the Acropolis!
I've somehow managed to work my way through all of the photos we took while we were in Greece and this is the last of them...our day in Athens! We had a quick 24 hours to see all of the sights before we flew out the next morning back to Houston. Honestly, that was all the time we needed. I found a tour guide that would take us around in his cab, drop us off at the front step of each historical ruin and pick us back up once we finished, haha! It cut out a lot of traveling time around the city and meant more time for things like cocktails with friends at the Grande Bretange. Talk about a small world, right!  
This trip was such a dream for us. Whether you are a foodie, wine lover, history buff, beach bum or just love exploring different parts of the world, I hope you get to visit this wonderful country one day.  I probably will never stop saying this - but it was the most beautiful place we have ever seen!

PS: We used Spiros Taxi Service if you are interested in doing the same thing

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