Greece: Part 2 {sailing around santorini}

Thursday, June 19

What a day this was! Just when we thought this place couldn't get any more beautiful...

David and I loved to end each day in Greece with a bottle of white wine and the sunset. And it wasn't just seemed the whole island paused for 30 minutes every night to see the show. On our second day, we got to watch the sun go down from the deck of a catamaran. It was our favorite experience of the trip. The ocean and the sun is good for our souls. :) We were so happy to be there, with each other and away from all the distractions of work/life that you couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces. 
Santorini is famous for it's breathtaking sunsets and there is no better way to view one of them than the deck of a catamaran. It was truly so stunning!

PS: We booked our sunset cruise with Santorini Sailing and would definitely recommend them

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