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Wednesday, March 12

Last week during a group texting session with some of my college friends, the topic of boyfriend jeans came up. The search for the perfect pair has proven to be rather difficult for a few of us. Thinking about it now, it makes sense. Over any other type of jean, the boyfriend look needs to be just right so you don’t end up actually looking like your boyfriend. A few criteria: You want them to be slouchy….but not too slouchy. They need to be comfortable and long enough to be cuffed. So I’ve scoured the internet and pulled together a few pairs that fit the bill. Which ones are your favorites?

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2 replies:

Catherine Gochoco said...

Loving #3!! The distressed look is awesome, and with a great pair of shoes! you're good to go! Great post, thanks for sharing!

Valerie {chronicles of him and her} said...

I agree, #3 is awesome! Glad you liked the post. Thanks for stopping by :)


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