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Tuesday, February 11

With the new year upon us I’ve been trying to be more mindful of my diet lately. For me, this means I am eating 5 smaller meals throughout the day, increasing my fruit and veggie intake, and trying to cut back on fatty foods. So far so good! Here is what a typical day look like…

At 8am - I start out my mornings with my green smoothie and a medium non-fat latte or coffee once I get to work.
At 11am – I have a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries.
At 2pm – I have a greek yogurt, some Kashi cereal and 2 clementines. I also love La Croix so I usually have one of those to mix up my water intake.

At 5 pm – I have an apple with peanut butter or some trail mix to hold me over until dinner.
At 8pm – When David gets home from work we usually have protein + veggie + some form of starch. I usually have a glass of wine while I cook and wait for him to get home too :)

We typically end the night with a cup of tea, a nibble of dark chocolate and my multi-vitamin.

Of course, being healthy is all about balance. We tend to splurge on the weekends with our meals (pizza is usually involved somehow) and extra wine – but we try to combat that with longer walks around the neighborhood and generally more activity.  I’ve learned that I feel my best when I’m working out and eating healthy but also not depriving myself. Burgers and fries aren’t forbidden in our house ;)

Any diet changes you are trying this year? What works for y’all?

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