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Wednesday, January 8

A friend (hi anne!) asked for a lesson on how to create the beach wave you may see me sporting from time to time. I know there are countless ways to get the perfect curl – but this 5 step process does the trick for my long, stick-straight hair.  Hopefully you find it somewhat helpful!
Step 1: Blow dry your hair fully or spritz with a little dry shampoo. {Note: this actually works better with second-day hair.} Meanwhile, heat up your curling iron. I swear by the Sultra Bombshell – it is a bit pricey but totally worth it.

Step 2: Clip the top half of your hair back so that you can have easier access to the lower portion. Gather a small strand and loosely wrap around the curling iron away from your face (with the rod pointed down), holding the end of the strand out of the iron.  Hold hair on the rod for about 5 seconds then let it slide off the rod in a curl and hold for another 5 seconds in your hand to help maintain the curl.
Step 3: Repeat Step 2 with the top portions of your hair. For larger curls, grab larger pieces of hair. And for smaller curls, grab smaller sections. Pretty easy.
Step 4: When you get to the face framing pieces, part your hair the way you want to wear it (I like my part down the left side). Then take a few small strands and give them a loose curl away from your face as opposed to a full curl like the rest of the hair.
Step 5: Once everything is curled, run your fingers through the hair from root to tip to release the curls and get a more natural look. Finish with a few sprays of hair spray (I swear by L'Oreal Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hair Spray).
End Result!

And you’re done! All together this takes me about 10 minutes and I can get it to last about 2 days with the use of dry shampoo and a little touch-up here and there. Here’s to happy, healthy hair!

2 replies:

Ginny said...

SO pretty!! i'm tempted to buy this magical wand and try myself :)

Valerie {chronicles of him and her} said...

It's the best hair investment I've ever made. Totally recommend!


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