In December

Friday, January 3

In December, we:
  • Spent some QT with our cute nephew Parker
  • David took a work trip to London
  •  Homeland took over our Sunday nights
  • Tried a fabulous new Houston restaurant called Vallone’s {check it out}
  • Attended a few holidays parties
  • Work came to a grinding halt, in a good way
  • Celebrated the holidays in Houston with David’s family{and hosted Christmas Eve at our house}
  • Just to name a few...

On a side note: when evaluating the direction I want to take this blog, I’m constantly torn between sharing bits & pieces of my personal life or keeping things separate from blog-land. Also I’m not entirely sure if these types of posts are of any interest to you. Sharing pictures of our life is probably only entertaining to my mom….but one of the main reasons I started this blog was to document these memories of our little life. I love looking back over the years to see what I was thinking and just how silly I can be sometimes. So for the time being the personal posts are going to stay. I hope you don’t mind…

Happy weekend! The first in 2014 – which is sort of exciting! Let’s make it count.

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