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Tuesday, January 7

602 days. Or 1 year, 7 months and 23 days. That is how much time has passed since we moved into our new home on May 15, 2012. In that time our progress has been slow and steady – you can see some of the blog posts about it here, here and here – so 2014 is going to be the year we finish it off most of it. I’ve made a running list below (similar to Young House Love’s approach) to help keep us focused. Some of these items are a bit of a stretch (and David will have a panic attack when he reads them all) but a girl can dream, right…
  • Replace the light fixtures over our kitchen counter
  • Install a runner on the stairs
  • Find a piece of art for the stairwell
  • Purchase a new rug for the master
  • Install new blinds or hang curtains in the master
  • Art for the master bathroom
  •  Decorate our bathroom shelves
  • Decorate our master bedroom nightstands
  •  Cover the leather chair in our master with fabric
  • Find a new armoire for the master 
  • Decide on a rug for the dining room
  • Find a buffet table for the dining room
  • Buy demilunes for the entry way
  • And then style the demilunes
  • Figure out the missing piece for the living room {something is missing!}
  • Buy a bar cart for the dining room and style it
  • Find throw pillows for the living room chairs
  • Buy new chairs for the study
  • Art for the guest room
Scooooop, I feel better now. I’m such a nerdy list maker…

What are your interior decorating aspirations for 2014?

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