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Tuesday, January 14

the holidays have come and gone. january is in full swing around here. somehow though - i'm still trying to gear up for 2014. for some reason this year it has been incredibly difficult to get into the new year, new you mindset. i have a few ideas why. the main one being that i always seem to be bouncing from one thing to the next. whether it is my to-do list that always seems to be growing or the activities that have me going through the motions.

2013 went fast. way too fast. i don't want 2014 to be like the last one. but not because it wasn't a great year. it was! i guess i just fear waking up in six months and not knowing what i have been doing with my days and it all being a blur.

so this year....i want to treasure my free time. i want to make time for more spontaneous date nights with my guy. i want to chat on the phone with friends. i want to sit on the couch and read all the piles of magazines i never got to. i want to write. i want to make down time a priority. i want to focus on the present instead of always looking to the future. and i want to slowwww down.

does any of this make sense to you? sorry for the rambling post today. sometimes, writing it all out helps.

hope you had a fun weekend!

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