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Wednesday, November 20

So I last did a house update here. Since then we have done a few updates I’d like to show you:

Our upstairs hallway got a gallery wall.
Our front porch got a new rug and a few accessories.
Our back yard got re-arranged so David can grill and drink beer while I watch ;)
Our powder room got a major face lift
Our family room got re-arranged. Do you notice the difference?
Next on our to-do list is finish the master bedroom and bathroom and tie up a few loose ends in the family room and dining room {art, a few small accessories, etc.}. We are so close and my budget is dwindling down, haha.
Here are a few design images inspiring me lately…

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Keizra said...

This looks beautiful!! I live in Houston and my fiance and I have started talking about moving into a home. If you don't mind my asking, where is this- it looks like the Heights area.


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