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Friday, November 8

If you read Design Darling {which I completely recommend} then you are familiar with the 101 in 1001 list. Inspired by Mackenzie, I started my own and spent the last few weeks pulling together 101 items. Which is tougher than it sounds! I finally completed it and wanted to share it here today to a) keep me honest and b) hopefully inspire my readers to start their own. It may be just me…but I personally strive with attainable goals. And I love the fact that although the list is daunting the runway is very long. My plan is to hone in on 2-3 per month and work my way through it slowly by surely.  I’ll think of it as my bucket list for the next 3 years.
If you start one of your own, please leave a comment or shoot me an email so we can help each other along the way! So with that, here is my list:

  1. Come up with 101 items
  2. Prepare our home for hurricane season {june-november}
  3. Organize the contact book {online and offline} of our family and friends
  4. Attend a weekly Pilates class and/or yoga class
  5. Read Emily Post’s Etiquette book in full
  6. Better define my style
  7. Use a video camera to capture for a special occasion and make a video
  8. Throw a surprise party for someone
  9.  Invest in 8 beautiful coffee table books
  10. Organize all of our paper files
  11. & then scan the paper files onto a secure internet cloud
  12. Find my favorite sunscreen brand and then wear it everyday
  13. Learn how to make risotto
  14. Invite our neighbors over for cocktails
  15.  Make a rain pail to conserve water
  16. Organize the garage
  17. Meditate and pray for 15 mins everyday
  18. Upgrade to a new DSLR camera
  19. Take a Photoshop class
  20. Finalize my fine china place setting & list out what I still need
  21. Finalize my everyday place setting & list out what I still need
  22. Organize and create a list of our wine collection
  23. Make an annual appointment with a dermatologist
  24. Journal 1x per week for 1 year
  25.  Launch an interview series on my blog
  26. Have our home published by a major blog or in an online magazine
  27. Have a friend take a portrait for my blog
  28. Learn the basics of HTML coding
  29. Do a guest post on one of my favorite blogs
  30. See a double-feature
  31. Invest in signature stationary & stamp
  32. Host a garage sale
  33. Attempt 1 month of the paleo diet
  34. Edit and then re-edit my wardrobe
  35. Turn David’s favorite recipes into a book
  36. Throw a dinner party for 6 of our closest friends
  37. Clean up our computer files
  38. Treat David and I to a spa day
  39. Begin to utilize margin on our investment accounts
  40. Find my signature scent
  41. Make a family emergency plan
  42. Organize my pantry
  43. Invest in a daily skin regime
  44. Decide on our charity cause
  45. & then join a new charity organization as a couple
  46. Attend a play
  47. Invest in one piece of custom artwork
  48. Start collecting something
  49. Make 5 new playlists {workout, party, cooking, dinner, holiday}
  50. Visit my brother in Boston before he graduates
  51. Finish decorating our house
  52. Organize our iTunes
  53. Decide on our family’s Christmas traditions
  54. Watch 60 minutes every Sunday
  55. Recycle more
  56. Figure out Mobile-Me
  57. Partake in a juice detox for 1 week
  58. Perfect my signature meal
  59. & my signature cocktail
  60. Go on a weekly date night for three months
  61. Throw a themed party & invite all of our friends
  62. Try acupuncture
  63. Send 10 handwritten notes to friends/family “just because”
  64. Stock up on pantry essentials so I can always prepare a meal
  65. Organize iPhoto
  66. Invest in a sewing machine and learn how to sew
  67. Have a staycation
  68. Invest in a freezer for the garage
  69. Cut sugar completely out of my diet for 1 week
  70. Learn how to make an omelet
  71. Go see a concert in 3 new Houston venues
  72. Purchase a paper shredder
  73. See the 10 “classic” films
  74. Complete our Growth Group at church and start a Community Group
  75. Make a meal entirely from our farmer’s market finds
  76. Revitalize an old piece of furniture
  77. Read the NY times Weekend Edition
  78. & Saturday Night Live every Saturday
  79. Learn how to shoot a gun and then get my license
  80. Donate 20 items to Goodwill and do not replace them
  81.  Make our yearly photo book
  82. Celebrate our 5 year anniversary!
  83. Attend an opening event
  84. Work on my ironing skills {especially David’s work shirts}
  85. Figure out my blood type
  86. Read 10 books
  87. Take an international vacation
  88. Come up with a concept for a novel
  89. & begin writing said novel
  90. Go to RoundTop Antique fair
  91. Learn how to use chopsticks
  92. Drink 64 oz. of water per day for 1 month
  93. Take a self-defense class
  94. Figure out a restaurant we want to visit on a weekly basis and then learn the names of all the waiters
  95. See a comedy show
  96. Memorize 10 of my favorite bible passages
  97. Learn how to fishtail braid my hair
  98. Keep a dream journal for 1 week
  99. Clean up my social media
  100. Figure out my go-to karaoke song
  101. Stay happy!
End date: July 16, 2016
P.S. Have an excellent weekend!

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Marissa Cominotti said...

Hi there! I came across your blog through a link on Design Darling. I am also doing a 101 in 1001 project and recording it on my blog: www.rissajaneen.com

Good luck with your project and I will bookmark your site to check back in and see how things go for you!


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