what's in my bag?

Monday, October 7

what's in my bag...
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Being a working gal can be a little bit stressful. At times it feels like I live the majority of my existence at the office. I tend to carry my large Louis tote each day filled with essentials to get me through any occasion – from a lunch meeting, a happy hour, the gym or the grocery store. My iPhone and planner are the most essentials items and I feel lost without them. I also always have a journal on hand to jot any notes that pop into my head while I’m on the go. And not pictured here but very important: my bkr water bottle! I never go anywhere without H20 on hand.
It’s funny to think how much my essentials change over the years too. Living in a 27-year-old world I often wonder what this bag will look like 5 years from now. Will baby bottles replace my lip-gloss? And what will my iPhone be able to do in 2018?! I guess only time will tell…
PS: Happy Monday!

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