Love, Actually series

Friday, October 25

Today I wanted to kick off a new blog series: Love, Actually. Once a month I plan to highlight the strong relationships in my life. The ones I look up to and learn from for my own marriage. It is important to find these healthy role models– especially when society tells us how easily we can give up on love. I hope we can all learn a few things along the way…

To kick it off I’d like to introduce you to my parents, Wendy and Bill. They have been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration to my marriage from the very beginning. Here is their story:

Inspired by this blog and one of my best friends, Kimberly, who sent it over to me.

So let me know your thoughts. Any other questions you would like me to ask? Is this something you would enjoy seeing on the blog? I’m all ears.
PS: Enjoy your weekend!

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