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Thursday, October 24

Does anyone else find it crazy that October has basically come and gone? I’ve been slacking on the blogging lately, but I always try to stay up-to-date on my picture taking. Here are a few pics from our iPhones…
  1. Nashville. David and I visited for a friend’s wedding and we couldn’t leave without making a stop at one of the local honky-tonks for some live country music.
  2. Dancing! My tiny dance partner couldn’t be cuter. Also, the kid had moves.
  3. The fall trees in the Midwest are incredible. Talk about a city that honors all 4 seasons…I pulled out my chunkiest sweaters for our weekend in Michigan.
  4. Isn’t this rainbow incredible?! I snapped the shot from my office on a Friday afternoon after a big thunderstorm. It took my breath away.
  5. Pre-ceremony snaps at my cousins wedding. The hairstylist pulled my hair into a tight bun. It took a while for me to get used to but I loved it by the end of the evening.
  6. Apparently you can’t leave Detroit without trying one of their hot dogs. I sent David to sample one for us and he reported that although they look quite tasty…they left a little to be desired.

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