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Friday, September 13

And because it just wouldn’t be right if I finish this wino week off with anything other than alcohol, here are the go-tos in our house when we want to a decent bottle under $20. We like to splurge for special occasions like dinner parties & birthdays – but on a night-to-night basis we keep it cheap. 
For reds:
-          Avalon Cab Sav
-          Mark West Pinot Noir
-          Educated Guess Cab Sav
-          Louis Martini Cab Sav
-          Ménage A Trois Cab Sav

For whites:
-          La Crema Chard
-          Oyster Bay Sav Blanc
-          Clos du Bois Chard
 P.S. For the record, I can’t drink cheap champagne anymore {hangover central} but I do love this bottle for a glass or two!
I know there are plenty of others out there that have opinions on this so please do share. I’m looking at you, Bailey & Simon. Now get out there and drink up. It’s Friday after all! Enjoy the weekend! XO

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Wendy said...

Our newest love: Pinot Gris by SeaGlass
Santa Barbara County


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