my 8 minute makeup routine

Tuesday, September 24

I love playing around with makeup like most women…but during the week I’m all about efficiency. This includes my makeup routine. I want to be in the shower and out of the door in no time. Sure, I play around on the weekends with fun lip colors and new eye shadows but for my banking day job I keep it simple and under 8 minutes. Here it is!

Minutes 0-1Primer
I’ve found that the only way for my makeup to stay put throughout the day is to use primer. I love the Laura Mercier oil free primer for my face; and the Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion for my eyes. Apply this lightly across on your skin before anything else and I bet you will notice a difference by the end of the day.
Minutes 1-2Eyebrows
I am a firm believer that your eyebrows frame your face and you best be paying attention to them. Since my eyebrows are so blonde and pretty much non-existent I use a powder to make them a shade darker. My go-to is the Clinique Brow Shaper in Soft Brown. I recently discovered Anastasia’s Clear Brow Gel to finish off the look and hold everything in place. The Tweezerman tweezers are always by my side just in case.
Minutes 2-5Eyes
1 minute for eye shadow. My go-to is the Too Faced palette. Purple goes nicely with blue eyes so Vintage Violet is my go-to shade. I do two light coats over the entire lid. If I want to get crazy, I’ll switch it up and use Chinchilla (brown).
1 minute for eye liner. For the daytime look I just go across the top lashes with powder using an eyeliner brush. My go-to is Print from MAC. I create a cat-eye look by going a bit heavier in the corner of my eyes.
1 minute for eyelashes. I curl them first with the Lancôme eyelash curler {5 quick pumps and then hold for 5 seconds}. Then I apply two coats of mascara; start by running over the tips first and then finishing with the full lash. I swear by L’Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black.
Minutes 5-7: Foundation/Cover-up
For work I only need light coverage and I’ve been using the BB cream by Garnier in Light/Medium It feels great on my skin and provides just enough color to cover me up. I apply 4 dabs around my face and then blend with a foundation brush to ensure even coverage. I then go over dark spots with Boi-ing.
Minute 7-8: Blush
Blush is the most important finishing step for a pale lady like me. I use cream blush by Bobbi Brown in Powder Pink that I love. I think it looks more natural than powder. Try it out.
A few swipes of lip gloss and then I’m out the door!
If I have extra time, I try to apply my new shimmering skin protector from Becca to frame and contour my face. Throughout the day I use the oil-blotting sheets from Neutrogena. If I’m heading out after work, I add a few darker shades of shadow, another layer of eye liner to my lower lashes and some dark lip stain. That’s it!
I’m by no means an expert when it comes to this type of thing so I’d love to hear…What is your morning routine? What items do you use?
Do tell!

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