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Friday, September 20

Sorry for the lack of posting this week; it was a busy one. I feel like this summer went by so fast, and I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. A few more weeks of weddings and trips and then it is smooth sailing through the holidays {how is that possible?!}. I hope that each of you is looking forward to the new season as much as I am. Welcome fall!

A few links before I go:
  • With the recent release of the new iPhone 5s, how adorable is this Kate Spade case? It screams fall to me!
  • Just bought this water bottle to encourage me to drink.more.water
  • Reading Lean In; I’ve heard great things so I will let you know
  • Seriously considering photographing my entire wardrobe for the Stylebook app {downloaded it last night}…how great would it be to outfit plan on your iPad?!
  • We saw Mumford and Sons on Tuesday night and I’ve been singing this song on repeat ever since
  •  Excited to try this restaurant again tonight…
  • JCrew 25% off sale with code: SHOPFALL
  • Eeek, fall TV is back. New Girl returned this week and Homeland, Modern Family & Criminal Minds return the next…what will you be watching?
Enjoy the weekend and see you back here bright and early on Monday! XO

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