weekend recap: ladies weekend

Thursday, August 8

I spent last weekend with my family in Lostant, Illinois! My cousin is getting married in October and some family friends threw her a personal shower. So up we came! From Richmond, St. Louis, Springfield, Detroit, Chicago and Houston…we descended upon this small farm town for a few fun days. Man, my family knows how to party! We all had a great time.
Here are a few photos below…I spared you the 300 photos taken and picked out some of my favorites. Enjoy!
^^wine tasting^^

^^pool time including a slightly competitive game of volleyball^^

^^ fried chicken, Midwest style {meaning extra grease} and beer for dinner^^
^^shower time!^^^^and after that everything gets a little crazy…^^
P.S. My cousin has asked Hannah and me to be her day-of wedding coordinators! So exciting! But also tons of responsibility. If you have any good planning/coordinating tips, send them my way ;) In the meantime, I’m investing in some walkie-talkies and watching The Wedding Planner over and over again. October will be here before we know it!

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