The Office

Friday, August 30

For the past few months, David and I have been watching re-runs of the Office on Netflix streaming. We started from Season 1 and have worked our way through to the last and final Season 9. It has made us laugh out loud and shed a few tears {Pam and Jim’s engagement episode, come on} along the way. I’ve become attached to the characters and can always count on this 30 minute show to brighten up my night. I have yet to watch the big finale episode but I hear great things.

If you haven’t seen the show, well, we would highly recommend it. It’s a favorite in our house. Good {mostly} clean fun. I am sad to see it go and I’m still not sure what will replace it. Any suggestions?
I'll leave you with a few gems:
And a few of my favorite episodes!
  1. Office Olympics
  2. The Injury
  3. Garage Sale
  4. The Job
  5. Weight Loss
  6. Goodbye, Michael
  7. Casino Night

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