Monday, August 5

For my birthday in June I finally bit the bullet and splurged on Photoshop as a little happy birthday to me present. I had considered purchasing PS for the past few years but always seemed to get by with the iPhoto program on my Macbook. But I figured if I wanted to make a real investment in this blog and the quality of my photos – Photoshop was a must at some point. So here we are.
Photoshop is notoriously challenging to learn for iPhoto converts. It takes practice and time to master the basics. I considered online classes through Houston Community College but after a little Google research I think I can teach myself the basics through free online tutorials and see where it gets me.
Over the next few weeks I plan to practice, practice, practice and hopefully you will see a difference here on the blog! I’m also so excited about the photo editing capabilities since that has always been my biggest passion. Now the next thing on my list is a new camera {our old one has a scratch inside the camera}.  A girl can dream. ;)
Before I go, here are a few tutorials that have helped me so far…
Lark and Linen: editing your photos
A Beautiful Mess: photoshop
Vmac and Cheese: creating dotted lines
Bower Power: white balance {she has more tutorials on her website}
And, of course there is always the famous BlogShop if you are willing to shell out close to $1,000! Still waiting for them to make their Houston debut!
P.S. Happy Monday! Did everyone enjoy themselves?

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