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Friday, August 16

Thankful for another week filled with little things that make me a happy girl…
^^sunny skies after a wet weekend^^
^^bright new kicks to wear on long walks around the neighborhood^^
^^an amazing meal of chicken tacos simmering in the crockpot and filling the house with delicious smells^^
^^my new Rifle journals for the endless to-do lists^^
^^an art project on a rainy Saturday^^
^^fantasy football is here!^^
^^a freshly washed pup & watching these trees grow bigger and stronger each day^^

Happy Friday! Hope you have a great one! xo
P.S. my friend Blair arrives tonight from DC and will be here for a whole week. can’t wait to see her pretty face! you know what that means we will be doing tonight too, right? margaritas are calling our name. Safe travels Blair Bear! See you so soon.

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