4 years in Houston

Thursday, August 15

As of today I have officially been in Houston for the same amount of time that I was in college or high school. Four years. In some ways that time has gone by at lightning speed and in others it seems like so much has happened that I’ve been here forever. The last four years have been challenging but also so full of love and happiness.
I still remember my first month in Texas like it was yesterday; a brand new city, a brand new job, no friends and a fiancĂ© that worked until 2am each morning. To say that I was lonely was an understatement. But with each day I grew more and more independent, comfortable and happy. I joined the Junior League to volunteer and make friends, we bought a dog, I found a gym, we went to church. After about two years, I had found my place.
Granted it took me a while to get here – with amazing friends, a home to call my own and a sense of love for this city of mine. Heck, just last year I finally figured out how to get around without GPS. But now I can’t imagine life any other way.
I’m not sure where the next four years will lead us but I am so thankful for the four that we have had here. So thank you to everyone that has made moving to Houston so much fun!
And before I go, here my top 10 things that I love about Houston:
  1. the rodeo
  2. the weather between October and May
  3. the Texans
  4. Southern hospitality {until you get on the roads, in which case it goes out the window}
  5. the margaritas, obviously
  6. the Galleria on any day other than Saturday and Sunday
  7. Our air conditioning power {especially the downtown tunnel system…these people mean business}
  8. the restaurant scene
  9. the jeans on jeans on jeans sightings for Go Texan Day
  10. Whataburger

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