weekend recap: our anniversary

Tuesday, July 30

David and I spent Saturday evening celebrating our third anniversary. I always like to make these special occasions – we dressed up, I got my hair done, we made reservations at a nice restaurant. That night we talked a lot about what we’ve done that last three years and what we look forward to and want out of the next three. My marriage is the most treasured thing in my life – and another successful year…heck, we should be popping champagne! So we did. 

Now for a little bit on Oxheart: It opened last year and quickly received 4 stars from our top food critic, Alison Cook. It was also voted one of the Hot 10 Best New Restaurants in America by Bon Appétit. So when we actually scored a reservation for our anniversary weekend, David and I were pumped about it. {Note: we had also attempted to make reservations for David’s birthday and my birthday to no avail}. Given there are only 31 seats in the restaurants and the recent rave reviews in the press we understood why we couldn’t get in. But after tasting the food this past weekend, we didn’t really get it. The food was okayyyy – nothing special. And it was definitely not our favorite restaurant in town. Maybe we aren’t foodies after all!
If you are in Houston, we would recommend you give it a shot {especially since everyone else loves it}. The atmosphere is interesting and the price is right. Just be aware that reservations are tough to get. For example, July reservations opened on June 1st and by 8am they were almost completely booked.
Did we miss something? Has anyone been and loved it?
NY TIMES: Making Houston a Destination
Bon Appetit: The Hot 10 America’s Best New Restaurants
Alison Cook:
P.S. Not pictured here – the Whataburger #7 that we ordered on the way home ;)

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