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Monday, July 29

This year my summer to-do list {seen here} included finishing two books cover-to-cover. I always enjoy reading …but I usually struggle to make myself sit down and actually do it. Not this time! As of today, I have completed 2 books and I’m half-way through my third, woo! Now I need to find some Houston friends that want to start a book club with me. Any takers guys?
Without further ado, here is what I read and what I thought about them…
Loving Frank: by Nancy Horan
This is a novel written about the love affair between Mamah Cheney and Frank Lloyd Wright that develops when the Cheney’s commission Wright to design their new home. Each married with children, they embark on a torrid love affair that shocks Chicago society and changes their lives forever.
I read this one at the beginning of the summer and couldn’t put it down. Although it took me a while to get into the plot, I quickly became fascinated with the characters…especially Mamah…and the profound influence she had on her famous architect lover.
Mindy Kaling invites us on a tour of her life and her observations. She really is the Girl Next Door.
Kaling is hilarious – and this charming book is perfect for a light read by the beach. I managed to finish it during our Fourth of July vacation and couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I promise you will fall more and more in love with Mindy as you read it…she is the cutest.
Escape: by Carolyn Jessop
This is a dramatic first person account of life inside the ultra-fundamentalist religious sect, the FLDS, and author’s flight to freedom with her 8 children.
I’m reading this one now –it is fascinating and terrifying. I’ve always been intrigued by the FLDS religion and eat up anything I can get my hands on that goes into detail on that lifestyle {I also recommend the 19th Wife}. Carolyn Jessop takes you inside the radical thinking of these small communities in Utah….in a scary/disturbing way.
Dark Placesby Gillian Flynn
This is next on my list! I loved Gone Girl and keep hearing great things about Flynn’s next book, Dark Places. Murder, mystery and suspense…sounds like the perfect summer book to me. I will keep you posted.
P.S. Happy Monday! Hope you had a great one!
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