Chronicles of Charlotte: the beach

Tuesday, July 23

Hi friends!

I am back from my 10 day beach vacation and I have to say that I miss it so. The wind off the bay, the sound of the waves crashing against the dock, the sunsets and my daily afternoon naps in the sun…I’ve never been more relaxed or rejuvenated.

You may be thinking that white fluffy dogs wouldn’t like the water or the outdoors...but not me! I was born for this stuff. I mean look at me! Have you ever seen a happier pup? I don’t think so!

If anyone out there plans to hit up the beach in the next few weeks, I’m your girl. I even promise not to bark at the seagulls.

Side note: Don’t get me wrong… I still do love my AC and down doggie bed! #whitedogproblems

puppy kisses,

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