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Monday, June 3

This weekend we switched out the rest of our winter clothes and went full-on summer in our closets. It's getting steamy in H-town. Steammmmy. The high is 93 tomorrow...welcome June! I always find cleaning out my closet super exhausting {set aside 2 hours minimum} but also so rewarding. So turn on some music and go get after it.
Here is how we do:

  1. Take out your summer clothes down from the attic and begin a load of laundry before you start on the closet portion. This will save you time later.
  2. Next, remove everything from the closet {including drawers} and place it where you will have room to sort through it all.
  3. Now create 3 different piles: keep, donate and sell
    1. For the clothes you decide to store, pack away in clear storage bins so you can see what's in them. Mine are from Costco. I always find myself needing to pull things out of the attic if we have a few chilly days in Houston so the clear sides come in handy. For sweaters, it is important to use cedar balls to keep the moths away -- we forgot one year and David's cashmere sweater was ruined. I buy them at Container Store when they have a sale! Also, some people prefer to wash before you store them for the summer but I like to do it when I get them out of the attic so they are fresh and clean.
    2. The clothes you decide to sell should be the items that don't fit anymore or maybe still have the tag on them. There are a couple of great locations in Houston on Westheimer that I'll stop by 2x per year. Hint: always take the cash $$. There are always online forums too like Copius and Amazon.
    3. The clothes you decide to donate should be items that you didn't wear this season or last and have visible wear, holes, stains or are the brands that won't fetch top dollar at the consignment stores {F21, Target, etc}. I usually save this portion for the very end and will always throw in anything that didn't sell. You can pull up locations of the nearest Goodwill Center. Make sure you keep a running list of what you donated and get a receipt from the attendant. This will come in important for write-offs during tax season
  4. Your summer clothes should be washed and dried by this point so start going through these items and make sure everything still fits. If not, you can add these to the sell or donate pile.
  5. Then it's back to the closet, I switched to skinny hangers last year {also from Costco} and it saves so much space -- go get some immediately. Start by hanging like items together. Pants go with pants. Short sleeves with short sleeves and so on. Then group by color. It's tedious but if you do it once then you can maintain all season long with little effort and allows you to see everything so much easier.
  6. You are almost there now! Your final step is the drawers. There are great drawers organizers from the Container Store which maximize space and make everything more visible. I store my jewelry, undergarments, workout gear, and PJs in these drawers.
  • Do you really need that many t-shirts? I always find my t-shirt drawer overflowing with ones from 5Ks and work events. You really only need 1 for every day of the week. All the others go in the donate pile.

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