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Monday, May 20

It is the beginning of wedding season here which means lots of friends, love, dancing, champagne...and quick weekend getaways. Over the past few years I have mastered the art of fitting all my wedding weekend essentials into 1 carry-on and 1 personal item {no checking for me, thank goodness}. It's tough but with a little planning ahead also entirely doable. And the trick of it all is the Packing List!
I typically begin packing 2-3 days prior to lift-off. I check the wedding itinerary to see what types of events we will attend and the suggested attire; I watch the weather forecast to see if an umbrella and jacket will be necessary; and I begin the packing list. This process helps me hone in on exactly what I'll need and ensures that I don't over-pack {a trait many of us ladies seem to struggle with}. And most importantly, I never have to check my bag which saves me time, money and frustration.
Below is a sample list for what I took to our Greenville get-away this past weekend:

Weather: Isolated T-storms; High 85 / Low 64
AM: white jeans; pink blouse; white tanks; leopard belt; t-strap sandals
PM: peach Tibi dress; slip; Steven sling backs; white pashmina; Tory Burch clutch; jewelry

Weather: Scattered T-storms; High 83 / Low 66
GYM: sneakers; socks; sports bra; t-shirt and shorts
AM: cotton wrap dress, sunglasses, t-strap sandals
PM: black & pink MK dress; gold strap heels; pink pashmina; Tory Burch clutch; jewelry

Weather: Scattered T-storms; High 80 / Low 65
GYM: sneakers; socks; sports bra; t-shirt and shorts
AM: white jeans; navy J. Crew top; navy tank; leopard belt; polka dot flats

Extras / Carry-on
  • Umbrella
  • Electronics: cell-phone charger; iPad; camera
  • Downey Wrinkle Release spray {for those inevitable wrinkles}
  • Toiletries & Make-up
  • Hair appliances: curlers
And a few more tips!
  • ROLL! Whenever possible you should roll your clothes instead of folding them. It helps to save space and decreases wrinkles.
  • Use your personal item to your advantage. I just got the Lo & Sons bag for Christmas and can't rave about it enough. It has so many wonderful pockets and compartments so I don't have to waste suitcase space for things like chargers, my camera, jewelry, etc.
  • I usually plan to re-wear most of my plane outfit {I'll switch out the shirt} because I don't get much wear out of it and that means more space to look cute where it counts :)
  • Because security is so strict these days, don't forget to pick shoes that are easy to slip on and off at the airport. I also like to wear my bulkiest pair so they don't take up room in my suitcase {this pertains mainly to boot season}
  • If there is extra room, I always like to throw in 1 extra outfit just in case
Enjoy! And safe travels. xo

P.S. I'll be back tomorrow with a re-cap of our amazing weekend in Greenville celebrating two of our favorite people

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