last week

Wednesday, May 1

It was a pretty exciting week in the McFarland house. Here are a few highlights:

Took the bikes out for a spin. David tried to pop a wheelie and I was taking selfies while driving.
Decided we need helmets.

Tuesday Taco Night. And Shiner Bock.
Do you need anything else?

Day 4 and still sore from 5 hours of gardening on Sunday.
Started getting concerned about what will happen when I turn 40.

We slept through our alarm. Twice.
Also, David friended 222 people on instagram. By mistake. So there's that.

Date night! We got a little wild and had 2 margaritas with our fajitas.
Charlotte got wild and decided to see what would happen if she pooped in the master.
Whyyyyyy me?

A crawfish party and an engagement party!
With a side of torrential downpours and flash flooding.

Finally completed our upstairs gallery wall and fist pumped to celebrate.
Maybe we are DIYers after all?
But the real winner was wine, pizza and presents for David's birthday!

the end.

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