decorating our front porch...

Thursday, May 2

The porches might be my favorite things about our house. We have 4 of them but the top front is the best. It sits up in the trees so you feel like you're one with the birds. I like that. And usually we get a really nice breeze up there too.

So our porch currently looks like this. Pretty boring, no? We purchased those rocking chairs a while back and now it's time to fill out the rest of the porch.

I'm thinking a carpet, a funky side table for our cocktails, planters, some lanterns and maybe a wind chime to really spice things up :)

Here are a few photos inspiring me in my search! I'll report back once I've made some progress...

images via: Houzz and Pottery Barn

P.S. If you follow me on instagram {@valeriesmcfarland}, you saw a sneak peak of our April house project. I promise a full re-cap with photos later this month once I complete the finishing touches.

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