California Recap: Wine Country

Friday, May 31

Happy Friday! You've made it!

June is going to be a busy month for us. Work travel, a bachelorette {woo!} and a wedding, oh my. So I'm using this weekend to decompress and get some things done around the house -- like switching out my closet for summer clothes and getting Char a haircut. Yes, summer is officially here!

And now, our last day in paradise started with all 19 of us piling into 2 vans and heading 45 mins to wine country. We hit 3 wineries along the way and had the best time! It seemed appropriate to post about wine on a Friday enjoy. Here's hoping this gets you excited for the weekend!
^^first stop at Saarloos & Sons involved cupcakes and wine...quite possibly my favorite combo ever^^
^^our second stop at Beckmen Vineyards included lunch and a great patio for chatting^^
^^plus a great spot for some group shots^^

^^our final stop at Firestone Vineyards had breathtaking views and great wine^^

Before we knew it we were back home and reminiscing on the couch with a glass of wine and some pizza delivery. The best times always go by in a blink of the eye and this weekend was no different. We feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to travel and, more importantly, to spend time with such amazing friends. They bring so much laughter and fun into our lives! We are truly blessed.

And before I go, we can't rave enough about California. David and I have been lucky to travel to both the north and the south part now and we are still deciding which one we like best {although I'm leaning to Socal and David is leaning to Nocal, go figure}. They are similar and different in so many aspects. But a few of the things they have in common include: amazing food & weather, beautiful scenery, delicious wine, lots of outdoor activities and ease of getting there. It's hard to beat!

For those of you who have also visited both, which end do you prefer?

Enjoy the weekend!

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