Monday, April 22

It's hard to believe that today is the start of the 3rd week in April. Where has 2013 gone? Sometimes it scares me a little just how quickly time flies by day after day. You want to know what else scares me. The fact that our 5 year college reunion is this summer. And David turns 27 one week from tomorrow. And I'm currently using wrinkle cream at night. We are getting oldddd! What scares me most though is blinking and 5 more years have gone by. It's not that I haven't enjoyed the last few years {because I have, immensely} but sometimes I feel like the working world has a way of becoming monotonous. Does that make sense?

Most weeks we go through the motions; Gym, Office, Eat, Sleep & Repeat. You get the picture. Our life becomes so routine that months pass by without us noticing. Quite frankly, I'm working for the weekend, people. And don't we all know how quickly those 2.5 days go by before it is Monday all over again. Depressing.

Admittedly I've never been good about living in the moment. Enjoying the moment. So this week, I'm vowing to take each minute for what it's worth.

Just so you know.

Happy Monday! Let's make this week a good one.

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