spring cleaning : my favorite time of year, sort of

Monday, April 8

It is officially time for my annual deep clean of the house. I figured it might be fun to have y'all tag along in the process to see what works for me. And I would love your feedback on things I'm missing or ideas that work for you!

I begin the cleaning process by blocking out one full Saturday; opening up all the windows, playing some hip tunes and getting to work. Unless things are really in the state of disarray, it shouldn't take the whole time but there are some items that take longer than others {like the closet and the yard}. So without further ado, here are the to-dos on my list this year:

Clean make-up brushes in a soft detergent and leave out to dry
Go through make-up, medicine and bathroom products and throw out anything that has expired
Re-organize vanity drawers and medicine cabinets
Replace first aid kit supplies
Do a thorough scrub of the shower and tub, focusing on grout

Put away all winter clothes {make sure to include cedar balls in your boxes to keep moths away}
Try on all spring items and hang by color and style
Dry clean or wash & iron new spring items
For everything that doesn't fit - do a run to your local re-sale shop and donate the rest

Refrigerator and Pantry
Remove everything and throw out expired food
Wipe down and wash drawers and shelves
Put everything back in an organized manner
Make a list of items that need to be replaced
Take a trip to the farmers market for fresh products!

Wipe walls and ceilings
Use a vacuum to remove dust and wash with a damp cloth
Tackle surface grime {mostly in the kitchen} with a degreaser
Don't forget about those ceilings fan {luckily, my 6'5 husband comes in handy here}

Dust books and shelves
Remove items from shelves and lightly dust with a feather duster
Use a vacuum for tough to reach spots

Clean upholstered furnishings
Beat all pillows outside
Remove surface stains with cleaner of choice
Protect larger furniture pieces with Scotchgard
Flip cushions

Clean windows
If possible, have outside of house power-washed to remove grime
Clean inside of the windows with a surface cleaner - don't forget the window sills
Wipe down blinds with a damp cloth

Rotate mattress to prevent wear and vacuum bed
Replace that winter bedding with lighter, summer bedding {hallelujah!}
Clean pillows {ours are machine washable}

Clean all appliances
Including oven, microwave, washer/dryer and stove top

Go through your files since tax season is over you can now start getting rid of documents that you didn't need, save electronic back-ups of everything, and put important things into a fire-proof safe

Your garden oasis - I save this for a separate day
Mulch, weed and trim
Wash down porches and remove dirt and spider webs
Clean off outdoor furniture

P.S. marthastewart.com is a great resource for cleaning techniques and stain removal!!

Good luck and happy cleaning! Hope you had a great weekend...

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