Friday, April 12

My brain is all out of new ideas for the moment {which hopefully explains my absence yesterday}. So this post is going to be random. Hope that's okay with you!

It was really really stormy yesterday circa 3am and let it be known that Charlotte does not like thunder or lighting. Noted.

We are trying a new restaurant tonight with friends. They have Paleo dishes on the menu, which seems pretty interesting and healthy. However, considering that it's Friday, I'll most likely be indulging in one of those pizzas. Slow Roasted Short Rib Pizza? Yep.

It's tax day on Monday. So, there's that.

We are buying bikes this weekend, yippee! It's also slightly scary since I have only ridden once in the last 10 years and I had a dream last night that I toppled over in a busy intersection. Wish me luck.

I'm making this recipe again on Saturday. #cantstopwontstop

And David goes to London on Sunday. So I'll be in his suitcase if you need me.

That's all for now. Have a great weekend!

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