our weekend in 6 photos

Tuesday, April 16

1 A gorgeous sky on Friday evening which allowed us to eat dinner on the patio with friends. We really enjoyed the food at Corner Table - but I have to say that the conversation with Bailey and Simon was much more enjoyable.

2&3 Bubbles, dots and this cutie during happy hour on Saturday. #perfection

4&5 We spent Sunday afternoon touring around Courtland Place with family and picking out our next home ;) It was beautiful all weekend so a couple of extra hours outside was really fun!

6 Hanging with this crazy girl on Sunday night after Dave caught his transatlantic flight to Londontown. We took a long walk, cleaned the house, had leftovers and caught up on our favorite blogs. I realize the last sentence makes me sound like a crazy dog lady, ha.

And just like that, it was Monday morning again...

Other items not pictured:

A diaper shower for Simon; volunteering with Houston Area Women's Center; Char's semi-annual vet appointment {exciting, I know!}; subs from Jersey Mikes; Netflix pick of the week: Arbitrage; church; errandsssss; some new spring clothes for Dave & much needed sleep.

Weekend, you were good to us!

P.S. I'm keeping the people tragically affected by the Boston explosions in my thoughts and prayers today. I don't really have words to describe the sick feeling in my stomach since yesterday afternoon. What is this world coming to?

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