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Monday, April 15

Last year I asked for and received a pedometer for my birthday. My job was making me lethargic from sitting in front of my computer screen all day long so I thought that strapping this thing on might give me motivation to move around a bit more. After almost a year of tracking, the verdict is Yes! Indeed it does.

How you ask?
See, it all started when on our friends lost a ton of weight be eating healthy but also by tracking his steps. He raved about his FitBit One pedometer because it syncs wirelessly and lets you track your progress online. When I saw the small size that I could easily clip on my bra or belt buckle, I was sold.

Other enjoyable things? Real-time progress on the steps you have taken, the number of floors you climbed, the mucho amount of calories you've burned AND your sleep efficiency. It also lets you compete with friends. And earn badges. I'm what you could call slightly competitive SO seeing my daily ranking and winning a "step" badge was a major selling point for me. I have to say that it totally rocks too!

Now for the how!

Experts recommend aiming for 10,000 steps every day. 10,000! Between my day job and the amount of reality TV I have to catch after work hitting my 10K goal was few and far between. On a really  good day when I run my 3 mile loop and finish errands after work, I can hit the 10,000. But on an average day when I sit at my desk all day, I can barely hit 5,000. Unacceptable.

Over the last few months I  learned a few things from my friend Bizzy that help get me to that 10 thousand mark. And while they may seem pretty simple they actually do the trick if repeated...

  1. Print to the printer across the office
  2. Park in the spot furthest from the elevator and then take the stairs
  3. Walk outside for 15 mins during lunch {fresh air!}
  4. Drink lots of water {which means more trips to the fountain & the restroom}
  5. Evening strolls before or after dinner with Charlotte
Some days I'm really good and some days I fall behind. But so far - it's helping and I'm really loving it. So, any pedometer experts out there that can tell me more secrets...

P.S. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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BizzyB said...

YAY!! Keep it up, girl! 10k is tough to attain, but it feels oh-so-good when you hit it :)


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