date night

Wednesday, April 10

One weeknight last week David and I went out for a date. We were both home early {which rarely happens these days} and the sun was still shining at 7pm. Since neither of us felt like whipping up dinner, we decided on a local BYOB restaurant {Vietnam} to split a bottle of red and order some of that famous Vietnamese beef to share. We spent the remainder of the evening watching our favorite TV shows on the couch and laughing out loud. It was really special.

I feel silly even saying this because it is just the two of us most of the time and nothing about Tuesday night was that out of the ordinary. But recently I've been trying to appreciate the spontaneity of our twenty-something lives. Maybe because work keeps getting busier or because I'm surrounded by cute pregnant friends or the fact that tragic events make you realize just how quick this life can be...or because I know that nights like these won't last forever.

Life is changing. I can almost feel it happening.

So until then, I plan to soak up every minute of date nights with my main man.

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