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Tuesday, March 19

I've had these photos on my computer since last weekend, meaning to post them. Life got in the way - but finally! - I got some time to sit down with my laptop and relive some of these memories.

And a few instagrams too...

Highlights include:
- Mad Potter painting
- Tim McGraw rodeo concert
- St. Arnold's Brewery
- Ragin Cajun crawfish lunch
- riding the mechanical bull at Rebels
- lots of walks outside

Our friends have come and gone but I'm still smiling from our time together. Come again soon, Katie and Kerry! Thanks for making the trip all the way to TX. xo

And if you are wondering what we did this past weekend, well, we spent the last few days recuperating...

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Bizzy said...

You all are so beautiful! Looks like you had an amazing time, love it!!! xoxoxox


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