Friday, March 8

I'm off work today gallivanting across Houston with Katie and Kerry, two of my closest college friends. They got in last night so we plan to have some fun today. There are big plans on the agenda for this weekend too - including the rodeo / Tim McGraw concert tonight, tex mex and margs, and a visit to St. Arnold's brewery tomorrow.

The East Coast got hit with a huge snow storm on Wednesday/Thursday - so they also requested plenty of time outdoors soaking up the sunshine and the warm(er) weather. I've promised them a few long walks around the neighborhood and Memorial Park. It's this time of the year that makes me so happy to live in Texas...just don't ask me that 3 months from now.

Weekends like this one - surrounded by amazing friends (some local and some that travel 4,000 miles just to spend a long weekend with you) - always make me feel blessed. Friendships are so important to me and I'm feeling extra lucky since I get to spend time with a few of my favorites tonight.

This weekend I plan on soaking up every single minute. Sunday will be here in the blink of an eye. Always is.

So, what are your plans?

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