our 60 day cleanse update

Monday, March 4

Today officially marks the end of our 60 day cleanse. Last night David commented that his energy level has increased so much that he no longer has that afternoon slump at work. I guess that means it was a success! Here are some of my thoughts...

In terms of our weight loss, David lost 20 pounds {awesome!} and I lost 8. And while we were pleasantly surprised by the weight loss - more importantly we were excited about our immune system build up. We haven't been sick all winter! My best guess is the increase in multi-vitamins, veggies and tea. Another thing we noticed was the amount of money we saved on a monthly basis from cutting back on dining out and drinks. A big plus!

What worked well:

We tried to eat really healthy during the week - cutting back on that nightly glass of wine {with a few slip-ups after some stressful work days}, focusing on lean protein and lots of veggies and being strict during lunch and breakfast. It was relatively easy for us to make these changes and most days it didn't feel like we were cleansing.

Grocery planning is key when you start buying organic because it is so much more expensive. I made weekly meal plans every Friday evening and listed out the exact items and quantities that I needed from the grocery store {note: double-check your pantry to make sure you don't have some items on hand already}. I found that planning everything out led me to buy less "fluff" and it also made me more creative in my recipes.

We made it a priority to stay in one weekend night and cook for ourselves. Obviously this doesn't always work when schedules get busy - but it's really nice when it does. Truth is we both find ourselves eating more and spending too much when we go to restaurants. This was a nice change and we unexpectedly found ourselves really enjoying the quiet time at home with some music, a fun recipe and a glass of vino.


Balance: Going forward we plan to think in terms of the 80/20 rule. 80% of our meals will be clean and the rest of it can be a splurge. Livable, I think.

Weekly weigh-ins: We found a lot of value in weighing in every morning - and I plan to keep this aspect intact going forward. I'll cut it down to once a week though so I don't drive myself crazy with the daily fluctuations.

Cravings: We found that the cleanse was way more bearable by not completely eliminating our cravings {me: sweets / him: salty}. At night I would have a small treat {like a frozen Girl Scout Cookie} and instead of chips David snacked on salty trail mix. It made it so much easier.

So there you have it. I'm sure this was thrilling for all of you ;)

Happy Monday!

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