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Monday, February 4

We love taking photos throughout the year but the we found we were never looking at them again. They are stuck on our computers and on this blog. So in 2010, we decided to use iPhoto's photo book feature to make a yearly album of our best pictures. I love the way they've turned out. The quality is great and it's amazing to have a little book of pictures to display. We put them in our family room and I always find our guests reaching to look through them (not to mention David and I too).

2 books and's about time to make the one for 2012.

Here are a few photos from the pages...

P.S. I might switch it up this year and use Pinhole Press. I've heard great things about their books and I'm intrigued.

P.P.S. Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend and did something fun for the Superbowl. We went to a fun party at our friend's, Callie and Clayton, house.

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