our love story because it is almost valentine's day and all...

Wednesday, February 13

I met david mcfarland on the first day of junior year in college. We were 20 and were attending uva and both happened to be in the same morning block in the commerce school. I have only vague memories of david from the first half of the year. He was tall, quiet and smart, and I loved his red hair. We were seated directly across from each other in class and I remember stealing glances at each other every now and then. I remember those chaco sandals and north face backpack he used to wear.

We even discovered later on that we studied abroad in the same summer program and we never crossed paths. Even with the overlapping friends, overlapping classes and overlapping beach time...

It just wasn't our time yet.

And I also remember one day my mom and I were driving through campus when David strolled by us on his way home from the library. I pointed at him and said, "Mom, I'm going to date that boy one day".

As the year progressed, during a long afternoon in the library, we discovered that we would both be in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for spring break. I remember my friends convincing me to send him a little message with the name of our hotel and my cell phone number. I had butterflies in my stomach - wondering if he would call? He did - but we never met up. I found out later he tried to get a cab to our hotel until he discovered we were 45 mins apart.

It was almost our time.

When we got back to school, things slowly started taking off. We went on a few little dates (real dates!) but before we knew it summer was here. While I was busy packing for my internship in New York City and he was busy driving that old Tahoe back to Texas.

And then, he didn't call. Not even for my 21st birthday in June. I remember telling my friends "this must be over, right?"

But then, senior year began and re-entered david mcfarland. I remember him telling me that he wasn't going anywhere and, well, that man doesn't lie. For the next three months he stuck around...showing up at our house parties, hanging out with my friends, taking me to the movies and meeting me for dinner.

This was our time.

Almost two years later, david asked my dad his permission to marry me (he never lets me forget how my dad answered..."are you sure? she's really a hand full."). Then, on my 23rd birthday in June, he proposed. He got down on one knee in a room covered in rose petals at the W Hotel. And I said yes.

Boy, how time flies...

Phew, if you are still reading this then congratulations! It was surprisingly fun to write it all down and have these memories on this little blog. Thanks for indulging me...in the spirit of valentine's day and all.

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