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Tuesday, February 12

In conjunction with our 60 day cleanse I started reading about juice cleanses. Various bloggers raved about how great they felt after completing the Blue Print Cleanse and since I was already undergoing my own detox of sorts, I figured I might as well give it a try. When I received an email about a local Houston company, Crush Cleanse, doing essentially the same thing as the Blue Print, I decided to take advantage of my husband-free weekend (Dave was out of town for a friend's wedding shower) and try the 3 day First Crush Cleanse. By packing the juices full of antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins, this cleanse is designed to help detox your body and reboot your system. Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. I made it through 2.75 days before I caved and ate a real dinner on Sunday night. My body could have gone the whole 3 days but my willpower was weak by that point.
  2. I lost a little over 1 pound over the 3 days but this cleanse was not about weight loss and more about giving my body a break
  3. I felt better than ever during the cleanse - I could tell my body was healthy, I had tons of energy, and I surprisingly never felt hungry (except for when I was too busy to drink my juice...more on that in the tips section)
  4. I did cheat a little bit - I had a beer on Saturday night at a birthday party and a few bite of foods here and there...
A look at my first day on the cleanse:

First thing in the morning I have a full glass of water with lemon to get my organs running. I drink it all down while I'm getting ready for work.

Once I sit down at the office, I break into the Green juice (kale, apple, celery, lemon, spinach, romaine and cucumber). Wow, this distinct cucumber after-taste is throwing me off. Try to drink this one quickly...

Green tea (this should be the de-caf version, oops)

I have a slight headache and a few hunger pains which must mean it is time for my midmorning snack, Pineapple juice (mint, lime, apple and pineapple). It has an overwhelming taste of mint, but it is sweet and I like it. I can do this!

They say that staying hydrated is very important so I down a big glass of water after my second juice.

Around lunch time, it is time for another round of the Green juice. It goes down slower the second time around...yuck. I'm starting to feel my energy kick up now so I forget about the taste and trudge on. 

Another glass of water (feel like I'm floating away because of all this liquid)

Around 4 pm, I need to take David to the airport so I bring the Spicy Lemonade (agave, lemon, cayenne, and purified water) with me for the car ride. This one tastes like Gatorade and it is surprisingly refreshing. I can't finish it all so I end up throwing the last bit of it away...

MORE WATER (I've had to pee like 18 times today)

I break into the vibrant orange Carrot juice (apple, carrot, celery, ginger, and lemon) for dinner. I make the mistake of sneaking into the pantry and steal a few Wheat Thins to go along with it.

And for dessert (at least 2 hours before bed), you get to break into the Cashew Milk (agave, cashew, vanilla, cinnamon and purified water). I didn't make it this far today but I have a feeling it will taste delicious tomorrow. 

I head to bed early tonight so I'm not tempted by the chocolate-covered pretzels calling my name.

1 day down, 2 to go...

A few tips / notes if you are interested in trying:
  • Prep work: they give you strict instructions before you start the cleanse to eliminate certain foods (starches, refined sugar, red meat, alcohol, etc.) and begin training your body by consuming things like steamed fish and veggies, salads, and soups. DO THIS! I didn't experience any of the common symptoms (like headaches and nausea) during my cleanse and I think it's because I really paid attention to the rules...
  • Be aware of your schedule: because I planned my cleanse for the weekend my schedule was packed full of activities around town and it was hard for me to find time to drink all the juices every day. This left me hungry on a few occasions and unable to grab my next bottle. Next time, I plan to start during the week when I'll know my schedule and can make myself drink. Note: this also could be because I'm not a fast drinker (it took me about 45 mins to drink one of the bottles).
  • Exercising: they say you can exercise during the cleanse and that it helps to rid your body to toxins (sweat!). I skipped exercising on Friday and Sunday but did hit the gym on Saturday and felt great (though I took it easy since I wasn't consuming as many calories as normal). Note: if you do sweat it out, make sure to shower immediately so your sweat doesn't absorb back into your skin.
  • Cleansing again: I'm totally on the juicing train now and can't wait to try my next one. Even David wants to jump on board. I plan to do my next this summer when our travels pick up again and then again after the holidays like I did this year!
  • Price: the 3 day cleanse rang in at $144 so it's pretty steep! But if you count the amount of meals that I didn't to eat out or the groceries I didn't have to buy then I don't think it's so bad. It works itself out to about $16/meal for 9 meals...
so what do you think, would you ever give juicing a try?

*P.S. While I'm definitely far from an expert here, if you have questions, leave them in the comments and I will try my best to answer them!

2 replies:

kimmieh86 said...

okay so i was thinking about doing a cleanse but wasn't sure. Would you recommend something longer? A friend does an 11-day cleanse. Or do you think the 3 day was sufficient?

Valerie {chronicles of him and her} said...

I considered doing a 5 day cleanse but wasn't sure how my body would react and opted to do a starter 3 day instead. Since this is your first time, I would recommend starting on the lower end and if all goes well you can do the 5 or 11 day cleanse next time! Good luck, lady! xoxo


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