weekend recap

Tuesday, January 29

This weekend in DC was pretty fantastic. Let's talk about it...

1&2. Brunch at The Hamilton on Saturday morning. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was too. It was a great way to kick off what would be an incredible day!

3. After brunch, we stopped by this cool bar around the corner for some cornhole and a few beers.

4. All dressed up with my handsome husband!

5. Our redcarpet photo booth pic

6&7. Dancing the night away at Dancing after Dark. #lovemygirls

8. Filling up a cab and then heading over to the Bracken's house for a sleepover

A few other things. It snowed about an inch on Friday night and I actually miss snow days. Yes, the coldddd weather is less than ideal but nothing beats waking up to your yard covered in white. My dress on Saturday was from Rent the Runway (Robert Rodriguez - Candlelight Romance Shift). My abs got an amazing workout from all the belly laughs that hurt so good. And I love my friends. Miss them already!

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