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Monday, January 14

With the Golden Globes last night, it got me thinking about the TV shows we currently love. It also made me realize that we watch way too much TV and we probably need to read more. But let's be honest, television is SO amazing right now.

On repeat at our house:
  1. Homeland {addicting}
  2. Modern Family {the best sitcom since Friends}
  3. Nashville {I still miss Friday Night Lights so this show helps because of Connie Britton}
  4. New Girl {New Show! We kinda love it}
  5. Law and Order: SVU {started watching SVU together in college so I guess this makes it our show? depressing}
  6. Criminal Minds {we are creepy}
What I watch when he is sleeping/working:
  1. Real Housewives of .... {not particularly proud of this}
  2. Glee
  3. Revenge
I realize that today's post makes me seem super lame. Buttt, the truth had to be revealed at some point, right? Oh well. ;)

And I promise I read books {and the newspaper} too!

So, do tell, what are your favorites?

oh, and happy monday! hope you had a great weekend ;)

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