our 60 day cleanse

Monday, January 28

In the first week of January, David and I set out on a 60 day cleanse to start 2013 off on the right foot. The whole thing initially started because we had begun to notice how unbalanced our diets were becoming and we were sick all the time. Cleanse is probably too strong of a word, as we won't be consuming raw juices or going vegan. We are simply focusing on eating fresh, organic ingredients while cutting back on splurges. Let's call this effort our post vacation/holiday detox to get our systems back on track.

We both have a goal weight in mind and we weigh in every morning, but this whole thing is about health. Although, losing a few lbs doesn't hurt either...

Our rules:

  1. Limit sweets, carbs and alcohol
  2. 1 cheat meal per week {usually Saturday night for us}
  3. multivitamins & 8-10 glasses of water per day
  4. workout 5x per week
Here's what my daily meal plan looks like:

- berry smoothie {frozen raspberries & strawberries, spinach, almond milk, honey, flaxseed}
- a big cup of coffee
- my multivitamin & calcium vitamin

- turkey sandwich
- apple
- organic string cheese

- Lots of lean protein {chicken, fish, turkey} / soups
- veggies

- tons and tons of water with lemon
- detox tea in the evening {by Yogi}

I try to avoid snacking - but if I'm really hungry I'll have some raw almond or carrots with hummus

The truth is, this outline isn't that different from my regular eating habits - except with a bit more wine, cheese and sweets thrown in. I have way too big of a love for pizza and pasta to resist these things forever, but I'll update again after we've been doing it for longer. So far we feel great!

*P.S. We had an amazing weekend in DC and now I really miss my friends! I will post a little recap tomorrow for you.

Happy Monday!

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