How we spent the time between Christmas and New Years

Tuesday, January 8

Well 2013 is sufficiently in full swing here in our house - working and de-toxing, yippee!
Our Cabo trip was really relaxed with almost no agenda besides keeping blackberries/work to a minimum. We got in Friday and made a trip to the Mega store to stock up on essentials {Dos Equis and tequila, obviously}, drank a few cocktails at the bar, grabbed dinner at Javiers {the restaurant at our hotel} and ended it with a movie in our condo.

After that our basic schedule for the week was: sleep in, workout, caffeine, long walk on the beach, pool, drinks/dinner. And repeat. We threw in a few fun activities like whale watching and ah-mazing massages at the spa. We also visited two fantastic restaurants: Flora Farm {a local produce farm/restaurant in the middle of the mountains} and Nick San Palmilla {} which we can't recommend enough. Thanks to our Cabo-savy friend for the recs.

It's pretty rare that David isn't working on something - so to see him turn off and relax was the highlight of my trip. We did a lot of talking about our little life and what we hope to accomplish in 2013. It got us both pretty excited for the year ahead.

Before we knew it, we were heading back to this airport. I'm happy to be home, always am, but it was such a fun week with just the two of us. I never want to forget it {which is where this whole blog comes in handy}.

Here are some lots and lots of our trip {as usual, there are way too many pics. I need to learn some self restraint...sorry ;)}

P.S. In Paris I started this new tradition where I buy postcards in the airport after every trip and write down all the little memories I don't want to forget on the plane home. I'm keeping them in a cute box by the fireplace. It's going to be fun to look back at them in a few years...

P.P.S. We stayed at Cabo Azul in San Jose. It was a beautiful property and the service was excellent. We would definitely recommend it.

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