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Tuesday, January 22

Over the holidays I finished reading The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. There were some amazing ideas that I took away from this book {please read it!} but my very favorite was starting a one sentence journal. In her view, keeping this journal can add happiness in all kinds of ways: it helps keep memories vivid; it gives you a reason to think about life/family; it's manageable; it gives me a feeling of progress and accomplishment.

Each morning at work I sit down with my big cup of coffee and reflect on the day before. It takes me 5 minutes and I usually don't have much exciting to say {I'm boring} - but it's been really nice to take a moment and write something down. I was reading through some of them again yesterday. It made me smile and it made me happy...check!

Here is my entry from January 6th:

Christmas decorations came down today {boo!} and the house looked so lonesome. To combat my usual Sunday night blues we went to see Argo at Sundance Cinemas {amazing movie, must research that more}, picked up Jenni's Noodle House for dinner and went to bed early.

At the end of the year my plan is to print them out in one of those fancy books and keep it somewhere special. I sorta think you should give it a try too...

So, now that you know my thoughts on journals, what are your thoughts?

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