Dear Santa

Thursday, December 20

It has been a very merry holiday season around these parts including...

A shopping luncheon event. A Winter One-derland 1st birthday party. Firm dinners x2. Happy hours with friends. Heights Home Tour. Twinkling lights. Pandora "Rockin Holiday" station. Shopping dates. House decorating.

This is our first Christmas in the new house and I've tried my best to decorate with what we had from our first two holidays together. Although I had to splurge on some garland and a new wreath for our front porch so we would fit in with the neighbors (aka Martha Stewart and Martha Stewart Jr).

Here's what Christmas looks like in our neck of the woods...
{Santa's little helper}
{Nest candle* and twinkle lights}
{holiday garland and red bows}
{our tree and my favorite ornament}
{red and white peonies}
{the wreath David picked out}

Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season!

*P.S. My very favorite Christmas candle is Nest Holiday (found here)

*P.P.S. Delicious cookie recipes will be coming to y'all soon. We made a lot of them too, just ask my waistline 

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