Second Anniversary Trip - Part 2, Napa

Thursday, September 13

We stayed at Lavender House, a small B&B in the heart of Yountville. Each room has its own little courtyard and they serve breakfast in the morning and cocktails in the evening. We would definitely recommend staying in Yountville. Besides the adorable town it is also the heart of the restaurant scene for Napa - so we could walk to and from dinner each night to digest. It was perfect for us!
Our Napa routine quickly developed - a leisurely morning catching up on reading while the fog disappears followed by winery tours and lunch in the afternoon and finally a late dinner to cap off the evening. We ate, we drank and we looked at those pretty views all day. Isn't it gorgeous?!
During the day, we tried to hit 3-4 wineries for tours and/or tastings. Each one gives you about 5-6 different wines to try. They were all amazing but my favorite was Schramsberg and David's was Quintessa. If you want specific winery or restaurant recommendations, let me know!
One thing that surprised me was how much we learned about wine while we were there. By the end we found ourselves asking questions like: "what types of barrels do you use to age the wine?" or "where do your grapes come from?" or "is that hints of blackberry I smell?". I should have taken notes because after a few glasses of vino information like that goes in 1 ear and out the other. Another surprise was how passionate everyone was about the wine. They loved talking about it, smelling it, tasting it, and seeing others taste it.
We had no clue what we were talking about so it was slightly intimidating. Haha.
Our favorite lunch spot was Gott's Roadside, a casual burger joint with ah-mazing milkshakes. Having a burger was quite a treat after a day of wine tasting. We ordered cheeseburgers and split their famous garlic and sweet potato fries. Of course, everything was washed down with a black and white.
But my favorite part was admiring the views...
 From Pride...(we bought a picnic lunch from Oakville Grocery and ate on their picnic tables)
 From Quintessa...
From Silver Oak...
From Cardinale...

After 4 days, we headed back home. It was sad to leave such a fun, relaxing place and go back to the real world. Our last memory is in the San Fran airport and almost dropping 6 bottles of wine down the flight of escalators. Oh, Napa! :)

And thank you to our sweet friends and family that gave us so many wonderful recommendations!!!! xo

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