Monday, August 13

Last week was one of those boring weeks at work (but after the craziness of the weeks before I'm not complaining). David was stuck at work later than usual on Friday because of meetings so I got my nails done, watched a movie, and then we went out for a casual dinner and relaxed all evening. It was lovely!
I did Essie Clambake on the nails and toes. My favorite color of the summer!
Margaritas with Dave at a fun, local spot.

We went to the Galleria on Saturday for some shopping and finally made it to go see the Dark Knight Rises. Since there is a sushi spot next door, we met some friends to split a few rolls for dinner. My idea of a perfect date night.
Did a little damage at the mall.
Meet our newest porch accessories from Berings. My favorite things ever! Can't wait for the weather to cool down and the pesky mosquitoes to leave so we can enjoy them.
Cloudy night sky on the way downtown
Cuddled with princess on Sunday morning. Got some cleaning done around the house in anticipation of my parent's arrival this week.
Finished the night with some pizza, wine and a movie. 

Also, my mom is flying in on Tuesday night and my dad will be following on Thursday. I'm taking the day off on Friday and have a few fun things planned. I'm excited to show off the new house and tour them around the city again. We are thinking of doing Galveston at some point!

Feeling rested and ready for another (short) week! Let's go...

Happy Monday!

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