Three Years in Houston!

Wednesday, August 15

On August 15, 2009, an excited and somewhat overwhelmed 23 years old boarded a plane at LGA and landed at IAH. She left behind her 2 amazing friends and roommates, her crazy life in the big city, and the job that stressed the heck out of her for a chance at new life with her love. When her fiance picked her up at the airport on that hot summer evening, she had absolutely no idea how much her life would change.
Houston skyline

As of today, it has been three years. Three incredibly amazing, fun, challenging, sometimes lonely years. There are days I still can't believe I ended up here. I look around at this little life and it's not what I had imagined for myself. I had big plans for a Wall Street job and a studio apartment on Park Avenue. And I still miss living close to my family and friends. But then I look around me, and I know this is where I am supposed to be.
Our first Houston apartment
picking up baby Charlotte
The rodeo

I survived the heat and the rain, went to the rodeo and the lake, learned how to perfect my long horn sign and where to find the best Tex-Mex, cheered for UT and the Texans, have made some wonderful friends, and of course, married the love of my life. We bought our first house together here in April and it just felt right...

So thank you Houston! For giving me 3 unforgettable years. You've been good to me.

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2 replies:

Elisa said...

Oh I know how this have so much big plans in mind, great and fancy apartment, big cosmopolitan city, overly amazing paid job...a could continue a lot more...

but than you end up somewhere, what you've never had thought of but you really, really like it - with all it's ups and downs - and you're glad life took you where you're right know!!

<3 Elisa

Valerie {chronicles of him and her} said...

thanks for stopping by Elisa! I couldn't agree with you more! life takes you in so many unexpected directions.


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